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eZell Pixel 7 Pro Curved UV Tempered Glass by ctel, Ultra-Thin Full 3D Curved Edge Tempered Glass for Pixel 7 Pro Touch Responsive and Fingerprint Unlock Compatible-EZ726

SKU: EZ726- Pixel 7 PRO
  • SOLUTION FOR ULTRASONIC FINGERPRINT – Advanced Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive Technology and eZell Tel Glass which makes solution for Pixel 7 PRO new ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor.
  • LIQUID DISPERSION TECHNOLOGY – Our liquid evenly disperses over your entire screen for your Pixel 7 PRO, including existing scratches and scuffs, and hardens to create an impenetrable edge to edge barrier while repairing former cracks and imperfections.
  • 3.Safety Design for your IPHONE 14 PRO MAX : Zigzag Line better enable handset cooling Importantly Protect from scratch & dust.
  • PERFECT PROTECTION – Explosion-proof 9H Hardness Scratch-resistant screen protector can effectively protect your phone from unwanted scuffs and scratches by knife, keys and some other hard substances.
  • EASY INSTALL – To prevent errors and air bubbles, Please refer instructions in Description and support videos help for a bubble free and precise install.

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15 in stock

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Dimensions 21.5 × 10 × 6.5 cm

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Product Description:-

How to install it:

Step 1 : Clean the screen with the wet wipe and cloth and removing any case from your Pixel 7 pro Step 2 : Stick the key hole with a label, and then use a knife or scissor open the liquid adhesive box, drop it on the screen(It is recommended that the glue be poured completely. The glue that drops on the screen can’t have air bubbles, if there is air bubble, use the needle to pierce the air bubble to let go air. ) Step 3 : Place the screen protector to a suitable position on your device SLOWLY. PLEASE DO NOT LIFT AND PRESS THE GLASS TO LET THE ADHESIVE SPREAD,JUST LET IT AUTOMATIC DISPERSION.(Very important) Step 4 : Wait for about half 30 Secs to let the adhesive spread and level. Step 5 : If the adhesive overflow, wipe off with a clean cloth. After checking the retention criteria for the mobile phone’s tempered film, the lamp was turned back and forth several times around the edge of the phone, and after 3 seconds of initial curing (not in the middle), the edge glue was wiped again until the glue overflowed. (Prevent white edges or long bubbles on edges) Step 6 : Wait for the exhaust to complete, after the glue overflows cleanly, after the positioning standard of the tempered film is satisfied, turn on the light. Otherwise scrapped material. Step 7 : Irradiate the mobile phone under UV lamp and need to illuminate twice for about 3 minutes to reach the fully-cured position. * Use Only Basic TypeC / Micro USB TypeB Chargers Fast / Turbo charger might not work properly Step 8 : Clear the screen, and turn off the UV lamp for reuse.

Package include: 1)Curved 3D Edge Glass for Pixel 7 pro 2)UV Glue 3)UV Light * Free 4)2N1 Wipes Wet&Dry

Handling and Packing: Packing done with good amount of care so that you get the item in good condition. it is your responsibility to ensure that the packet received is in non-tampered condition. If the pack is open please refuse to receive the order and return it with same logistics person

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